Bonita Expansion

Artique Floral Shoppe DesignLast week Bonita Pioneer announced the purchase of a new 110,000 square foot production facility in Forest City, North Carolina.  Printing and bag making equipment which has been in storage will now be relocated to the new facility, and running by mid-summer.

What does this mean to you? This strategic move will be a huge benefit to our Bonita customers in the Midwest. More capacity is being created, so lead times will decrease, and shipping costs will be reduced.  How can anybody not love More Product and Less Cost?

The new plant will be a production and distribution facility only. Administration and customer service will remain in Portland.

If you haven’t taken a good long look at Bonita’s Artique Collection yet, (pictured above) now is the time. It won BEST NEW PRODUCT at the 2014 RPA.  The Collection contains a large array of designs and styles. Simply insert a logo, and your customers have exciting packaging, without the expense of artwork and plates. Interested? Click HERE.

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