Cohesive and Packing Papers Custom Print Promotion

Shamrock is offering a great introductory promotion on white kraft and natural kraft packing papers, custom printed with no engraving charges.  That is right, no engraving charges at all.  This would be for 1-2 color printing only (that means 3+ colors does not qualify) 10,000 linear feet minimum run, of any standard width of our cohesive or packing papers.  The offer is good through 8/1/14.

Orders should be marked “Custom Packing Paper Promotion” and entered in the usual way through Shamrock customer service.  You will still need to ask for a custom quotation for the product but the engraving charges will be at no cost.  Fantastic!

Custom Print Cohesive or Packing Papers Promotion
What’s covered?

·         Unlined Cohesive Paper

·         Foam Lined Cohesive Papers

·         White Kraft Packing Paper

·         Natural Kraft Packing Paper

Distributor cost can be found on the Shamrock Price List Page. It’s password protected, so Distributors, if you need a password call or email our office.

Cohesive and Packing Papers

Click the image for an editable brochure to share with your customers!

· 1-2 colors only
· 10,000 linear feet minimum order
· FOB Greensboro, NC
· Terms net 30 days
· Lead time 4-6 weeks
· Over / Under run 15%
· Standard put ups
· Call for custom quotation
· No cylinder engraving costs! A savings of $845.00 per color.
· Shamrock will maintain the cylinders for reorders at no additional charge
· Offer good March 20, 2014 through August 1, 2014.
· Orders must be marked “Custom Packing Paper Promotion
Please place sample requests with Shamrock Customer Service for plain or printed samples.

What a great deal! Place your orders start enjoying the great savings.

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