New Reclosable Zip Bags

Zip Bags
Midway Ventures is proud to offer our customers a new line of reclosable bags, manufactured in the US by USC Bag Manufacturing. For food, industrial and retail, these bags are increasingly in demand. USC has 8 color flexo capabilities and can produce a nice, durable, cost effective bag.  They manufacture both Polyethylene & Polypropylene bags. Wicketed bags with and without zip closure also available.

Obviously we were wrong when we thought we’d seen it all!  Pictured below, is a reclosable patch handle bag with a zip closure below the handle. This reclosable bag has a sturdy handle, keeps contents clean and secure, has a high consumer re-use rate, and as always, USC’s print quality is incredible. Call or email for a custom quote! Minimum 10,000 per size.

reclosable patch handle

Zip Reclosable Patch Handle

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