West Coast Port Labor Update

ILWUWhen we first announced the West Coast Port Union Slowdown in November, it only affected a few of our customers. but conditions have worsened and this situation now affects every international order.

The Union has made new demands, and work has slowed tremendously. West Coast port management is threatening a lockout next week. Ships are currently waiting 1-2 weeks to dock, and unloading takes 5-8 days.

As a consequence all other North American container port destinations, including Mexico, Canada and the US East Coast are currently running at maximum capacity. Services are overbooked and backlogged. Add Chinese New Year to the mix, and import lead times worsen even more.

This difficult environment is expected to continue for several months.

Savvy distributors should look closely at the orders they usually place in mid to late spring, plan carefully, and order as early as possible.

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