Can you Say “Packing Papers Promotion” Ten Times, Real Fast?

Packing Papers Promotion


Did you know that Shamrock stocks 40# Natural Kraft and 50# White Kraft packing paper in rolls and sheets? Both of these papers are 100% recycled, in stock and ready to ship to you or drop ship to your customer with a convenient 1 roll minimum.

To introduce you to our packing papers, we are offering an additional 10% discount off distributor cost through 12-31-2014.

Look for new business other than our typical retail stores.  There is great opportunity with moving and storage companies, industrial accounts, schools and organizations. Did you know Internet sales are projected to grow 57% in the next three years? It’s an enormous market, and savvy distributors will take advantage of this explosive trend.

We will be glad to provide any necessary samples and we are willing to be competitive on large volume business.

Take some time to look into this new product line, and let us know how we can help.

Need an Editable Packing Paper Price List?
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Cohesive and Packing Papers Custom Print Promotion

Shamrock is offering a great introductory promotion on white kraft and natural kraft packing papers, custom printed with no engraving charges.  That is right, no engraving charges at all.  This would be for 1-2 color printing only (that means 3+ colors does not qualify) 10,000 linear feet minimum run, of any standard width of our cohesive or packing papers.  The offer is good through 8/1/14.

Orders should be marked “Custom Packing Paper Promotion” and entered in the usual way through Shamrock customer service.  You will still need to ask for a custom quotation for the product but the engraving charges will be at no cost.  Fantastic!

Custom Print Cohesive or Packing Papers Promotion
What’s covered?

·         Unlined Cohesive Paper

·         Foam Lined Cohesive Papers

·         White Kraft Packing Paper

·         Natural Kraft Packing Paper

Distributor cost can be found on the Shamrock Price List Page. It’s password protected, so Distributors, if you need a password call or email our office.

Cohesive and Packing Papers

Click the image for an editable brochure to share with your customers!

· 1-2 colors only
· 10,000 linear feet minimum order
· FOB Greensboro, NC
· Terms net 30 days
· Lead time 4-6 weeks
· Over / Under run 15%
· Standard put ups
· Call for custom quotation
· No cylinder engraving costs! A savings of $845.00 per color.
· Shamrock will maintain the cylinders for reorders at no additional charge
· Offer good March 20, 2014 through August 1, 2014.
· Orders must be marked “Custom Packing Paper Promotion
Please place sample requests with Shamrock Customer Service for plain or printed samples.

What a great deal! Place your orders start enjoying the great savings.