Custom Printed Gift Wrap


All our inks are water-based. We can match PMS colors for custom printed designs, as well as color swatches of samples supplied to us. Ink draw-downs will be sent for approval prior to printing. Gloss or matte varnish, as well as silk sheen and UV, can be applied.


Custom gift wrap may be created by recoloring a stock design, thus avoiding the cost of custom engraving cylinders. Only line designs can be recolored; multi-color process designs cannot be recolored. The custom print minimum for recoloration is 25 reams for 1-color and 50 reams for 2 or more colors.

Art Requirements

We can accept artwork in many forms but prefer high resolution digital files. Our engravers can use the software listed below as well as others. Please inquire should you have questions about a specific type.

  • Digital Files – Adobe Photoshop (EPS or TIFF) format for process designs, Adobe Illustrator format for line designs. All digital files must be in high resolution, and a composite print of the design should be included to show layout and web direction.
  • Pattern Repeats – Gravure printing cylinders are 24″ in circumference; art may be sized to repeat vertically in any even denomination of 24″ (1″, 2″, 3″, 4″, 6″ , 8″, 12″ or 24″). DELIVERY – Custom printing is our specialty. You can expect a quick turnaround once the art is approved.

Custom Converting

Custom Small Rolls

Various widths of gift wrap can be converted to small rolls. The minimum length is 5′ and the maximum width is 30″. Rolls are shrink-wrapped or banded, wound coreless or on sheet stiffener cores and custom labeled. Minimum small roll converting quantity is 5,000 linear feet.


Gift wrap can be sheeted to your specifications. Minimum is 10,000 linear feet. Some papers may need to be back-coated to be sheeted.


Sheeted gift wrap can be folded to various sizes and specifications.


Stock counter rolls (417′ or 833′) and custom printed rolls can be slit to desired widths. There is a $20.00 charge per cut for any stock counter roll. All finished rolls are shipped in the original carton. There is no per roll minimum.

Tissue Converting

Flat and soft folded tissue can be cut and repacked in poly bags. Stock sizes are converted as follows: 20″ x 30″ to 15″ x 20″ or 10″ x 10″, and 15″ x 20″ to 10″ x 15″ or 7.5′ x 10″. There is a 3/16″ variance. Cost is $6.00 per cut.

Customized Kits and Ensembles

Gift wrap and various retail packaging products can be assembled into kits. Tell us your requirements and specifications, and we will gladly suggest options and provide quotes.