August Promotions

Gift Wrap Promotion

Shamrock Foil Gift Wrap.

Shamrock – Foil Gift Wrap – Take a look at these beautiful foil gift wraps at incredible prices. Laminated and embossed foil is available in 24″ x 417′ and 24″ x 833′ rolls. Prices are listed on our Pricing Page under Shamrock Gift Wrap and Accessories.

Bonita Pioneer  Bonita is offering one free plate on any size shopping bag, or up to 250.00 off each size plate for multiple color shopping bags! Up to 250.00 off each size box and gift wrap plates. Up to 150.00 off each size merchandise bag plates. For more details, download Bonita’s Plate Promotion PDF.

Bonita is continuing their year round FREE plate promo (up to 3 colors) on “switched business”. Provide the film and/or camera ready art, along with a printed sample and they’ll do the rest.

See our Pricing Page!

Berwick/Offray Curling Ribbon.

Berwick/Offray – Fun printed curling ribbons come in 3/8 in. x 250 yd. rolls. Quantities are limited and they will sell fast, so order now. Prices and more information can be found on our Pricing Page under Berwick/Offray,

Garlock – Through December 31st, Garlock Printing, in partnership with SatinWrap Tissue, is offering printing plates at no charge for One Color Scatterprinted Tissue orders transferred from other manufacturers. All transferred orders will require digital artwork and a sample of the printed tissue from the other manufacturer.  Read the details on the attached PDF.

Price Lists Online

Bonita Prices

Do you need a price on gift wrap, bags, boxes, tissue? We have a new page on our website with available price lists, by mill.  The price page is for distributors only, making it TOP SECRET PACKAGING INFO, so you will need a password for access. We will send out passwords to our customers within the next 24 hours. If you don’t receive yours let us know.

We’ve created a resale Bonita price list for you, which we think you should find useful.

If you think anything is missing from the page we’d love to hear from you.

Eurototes Drop Shipped, Minimum One Case

Holiday_EurototesBerwick/Offray will drop ship all eurototes, minimum one case, until December 31, 2013!

Holiday Eco-Totes – Berwick has announced new holiday eurototes.  Printed in fresh holiday designs, suitable for hot stamping and made of at least 50% recycled paper with twill handles. Three sizes are available in each design. Berwick is taking orders on these bags now, for drop shipping in September.  For more information, download this Holiday Eurotote Flyer

Solid Color Eco-Totes – Colors are made with 80% recycled content. (White is at least 50%.) With three sizes and seven colors available, they’re in stock and ready to ship now. To see colors and sizes, download this  Solid Eurototes Flyer

BONUS: For editable eurotote flyers, click HEREHERE, and HERE.

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