Shamrock and Berwick Holiday Promotions

Shamrock Holiday
Shamrock Gift Wrap is currently offering a 10% discount on all accessory items (non gift wrap) with a purchase of any gift wrap design on THIS editable flyer. This program offers 7 must-have holiday papers, at very competitive prices.  Minimum order is only 1 roll and product is in stock and available for immediate shipment through December 31, 2014.  Your customer can purchase a 100′ roll of this holiday gift wrap and receive 10% off all Shamrock bags, tissue, ribbon, etc.   How phenomenal is that?! For distributor cost, click here.

Shamrock orders must be marked “COLORS OF CHRISTMAS.”

Through October 31, Berwick/Offray is testing the following two promotions.
1.  For two months only, the Berwick/Offray Minimum is only $35.00.  You must order 3 rolls of one Berwick item. This includes Wraphia and Curling Ribbon. You may order single rolls of Offray ribbon to get to the minimum.
2. FREE PLATES on new Custom Printed Ribbon orders including Hot Stamp, Flexo and Screen Print. (Heat Transfer 50% off.) Standard order minimums apply.

Berwick orders must be marked “FALL PROMO 2014.

We’ve added quite a few new flyers to our website which should help you drive sales. Use them, share them, and let us know if you need any assistance, whatsoever.  Happy Selling!


Can you Say “Packing Papers Promotion” Ten Times, Real Fast?

Packing Papers Promotion


Did you know that Shamrock stocks 40# Natural Kraft and 50# White Kraft packing paper in rolls and sheets? Both of these papers are 100% recycled, in stock and ready to ship to you or drop ship to your customer with a convenient 1 roll minimum.

To introduce you to our packing papers, we are offering an additional 10% discount off distributor cost through 12-31-2014.

Look for new business other than our typical retail stores.  There is great opportunity with moving and storage companies, industrial accounts, schools and organizations. Did you know Internet sales are projected to grow 57% in the next three years? It’s an enormous market, and savvy distributors will take advantage of this explosive trend.

We will be glad to provide any necessary samples and we are willing to be competitive on large volume business.

Take some time to look into this new product line, and let us know how we can help.

Need an Editable Packing Paper Price List?
Here it is!
Packing Papers Thumbnail

Eurototes Drop Shipped, Minimum One Case

Holiday_EurototesBerwick/Offray will drop ship all eurototes, minimum one case, until December 31, 2013!

Holiday Eco-Totes – Berwick has announced new holiday eurototes.  Printed in fresh holiday designs, suitable for hot stamping and made of at least 50% recycled paper with twill handles. Three sizes are available in each design. Berwick is taking orders on these bags now, for drop shipping in September.  For more information, download this Holiday Eurotote Flyer

Solid Color Eco-Totes – Colors are made with 80% recycled content. (White is at least 50%.) With three sizes and seven colors available, they’re in stock and ready to ship now. To see colors and sizes, download this  Solid Eurototes Flyer

BONUS: For editable eurotote flyers, click HEREHERE, and HERE.

Customize your flyer with a message to your customers and your own name and/or logo.

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