Gift Card Boxes and a HUGE Announcement

Gift Card Boxes

The electronic gift card business is rapidly expanding and as a result the selling opportunities for our Presentation Gift Card Boxes is growing by leaps and bounds.

Prioritized by popularity, this list represents our biggest consumers of Pop Up Presentation Gift Card Boxes.

  • Spas and Salons
  • Restaurants
  • Hotel/Resorts
  • Car Washes
  • Malls / Mall Associations
  • Banks/Credit Unions
  • Fitness Centers (fast growing segment)
  • Clothing Stores
  • Jewelry Stores
  • Museums
  • Movie Theaters
  • Golf Companies
  • Lumber / Hardware Stores
  • Wine and Beer Specialty Stores
  • Cupcake Specialty Shoppes

Some newer interests that are growing rapidly:

  • Car Dealerships reward/loyalty cards
  • Pet “Resorts” bathing/boarding pet businesses

These Pop-Up Presentation Gift Card Boxes are patented, so they are sold ONLY through Shamrock. Click Here to take to see all of our in-stock designs, available now.

Prices on page 15 of our Sharmock Distributor Cost Book. This page is password protected, so email if you need a sign-on.

New Gift Card Holder

Pop-Up Gift Card FOLDER 
Coming Soon!

HUGE Announcement

And now, for our Huge Announcement. Shamrock is about to introduce a Presentation Pop-Up Gift Card FOLDER. It’s a lower cost option to the box, it functions in exactly the same way, but it folds flat, making it mailable. These folders can be hot stamped inside and out at Shamrock, with a minimum purchase of only one case (100 folders).

Envelopes will be an available option. More details, photos and samples will follow as soon as possible. They aren’t available until this summer, but we wanted our customers to hear about this exciting product before anybody else.

Good luck, happy selling, and call/email if you have any questions or need anything at all.