Bonita Expansion

Artique Floral Shoppe DesignLast week Bonita Pioneer announced the purchase of a new 110,000 square foot production facility in Forest City, North Carolina.  Printing and bag making equipment which has been in storage will now be relocated to the new facility, and running by mid-summer.

What does this mean to you? This strategic move will be a huge benefit to our Bonita customers in the Midwest. More capacity is being created, so lead times will decrease, and shipping costs will be reduced.  How can anybody not love More Product and Less Cost?

The new plant will be a production and distribution facility only. Administration and customer service will remain in Portland.

If you haven’t taken a good long look at Bonita’s Artique Collection yet, (pictured above) now is the time. It won BEST NEW PRODUCT at the 2014 RPA.  The Collection contains a large array of designs and styles. Simply insert a logo, and your customers have exciting packaging, without the expense of artwork and plates. Interested? Click HERE.

The Artique Collection from Bonita

BPP_FloralShoppe (2)The Artique Collection contains a large array of fresh stock designs that are ready for printing.

1. Select a design
2. Select a paper and color
3. Send your vector logo

and you’ll have dynamic packaging in no time with no additional charges for prep and plates!. Choose from a large assortment of EVERYDAY and HOLIDAY designs.

Download this beautiful Informational Brochure to share with your customers.

Five papers are available for printing, including 100% Recycled. For compliance, bottom logos can be added to Shopping Bags and Merchandise Bags.

Standard order minimums apply.

These collections contain: Shopping Bags, Merchandise Bags and a coordinated Gift Wrap perfect for laminating to Boxes!

Shamrock Free Plate Promotions

Paper Eurototes

Shamrock has several Free Plate Promotions, which we decided to list in this one handy place.

1000 or more Bags or Boxes: A Free one color Post Print, Hot Stamp, or Silk Screen plate

2500 or more Bags or Boxes With 2 Color Post Print: Both plates are Free! (This is an excellent place to find a home for those 2500 bag orders the shopping bag factories won’t run anymore)

Switched Business Plate Program: Switch any existing business to Shamrock and all of the plates are Free, regardless of quantity.

With the busy season upon us, this is the time to take advantage of these excellent offers and let Shamrock handle your post print, hot stamp and silk screen bag and box needs.hi-wall gift boxes

Click here for pricing.We hope these tools will help you in your sales efforts. As always, please let us know if you have any questions.

Chevron Gift Wrap

P.S. I know we mentioned this last time, but it’s worth repeating.  Shamrock is running TWO Gift Wrap Promotions. Go to our Pricing Page and click on the Christmas Gift Wrap (Reversible Chevron!) and Foil Gift Wrap Promotions.

Warning Labels, Bag Bans and Other Legalities

Suffocation Bag Warning LabelHere’s some light reading for the weekend!  We recognize a lot of our customers are generally confused about bag bans, warning labels and other legalities. And why shouldn’t they be? The world is a-changing, and although it’s our business to keep up with the latest regulations, wading through them and keeping current can be mind-boggling. This is why we let others do it for us. Here are two informative and up-to-date web sites we like, and can help you and your customers sort through the complicated legalities.

First, Warning Label Requirements. Click the link, and you have current Suffocation Warnings at your finger-tips.
The second, State by State Laws and Regulations for both Paper and Plastic.
Available Recycled and Recyclable Shopping Bag Bottom Logos

Of course, the factories we do business with can be relied on to ensure your products follow proper requirements. But these links are useful when your customers ask.  And in case you don’t want to keep them on hand, they are easily accessible through our site on our Green Page, under the Compliance Heading.