Resin Increase

PolyBagsResin just increased .05 per pound, so expect a price change later in October.   Poly Bag quotes are done on an individual basis, and cost differences are always based on current price vs. last time ordered. Domestic poly quotes are generally honored for 30 days, while imports are honored for 14 days.

Notify your customers. Now is not the time to delay on an order.

Price Lists Online

Bonita Prices

Do you need a price on gift wrap, bags, boxes, tissue? We have a new page on our website with available price lists, by mill.  The price page is for distributors only, making it TOP SECRET PACKAGING INFO, so you will need a password for access. We will send out passwords to our customers within the next 24 hours. If you don’t receive yours let us know.

We’ve created a resale Bonita price list for you, which we think you should find useful.

If you think anything is missing from the page we’d love to hear from you.

Christmas is Coming!

EurototeIt’s hard to think about Christmas when summer is upon us, but imports are currently taking 12-14 weeks for delivery, and as we approach our busy season we expect that lead time to grow. The truth is, a ready order has to get in line behind everyone else for that slow boat from China.

As of now, an order placed on July 1st would be scheduled to arrive in mid-October.  A July 15 order may not arrive until sometime in November.

Every year we get “Where’s my order?” phone calls from customers who didn’t realize or think about the lead time on imports.  Contact your customers and start planning your poly/paper/reusable import orders now.

Warning Labels, Bag Bans and Other Legalities

Suffocation Bag Warning LabelHere’s some light reading for the weekend!  We recognize a lot of our customers are generally confused about bag bans, warning labels and other legalities. And why shouldn’t they be? The world is a-changing, and although it’s our business to keep up with the latest regulations, wading through them and keeping current can be mind-boggling. This is why we let others do it for us. Here are two informative and up-to-date web sites we like, and can help you and your customers sort through the complicated legalities.

First, Warning Label Requirements. Click the link, and you have current Suffocation Warnings at your finger-tips.
The second, State by State Laws and Regulations for both Paper and Plastic.
Available Recycled and Recyclable Shopping Bag Bottom Logos

Of course, the factories we do business with can be relied on to ensure your products follow proper requirements. But these links are useful when your customers ask.  And in case you don’t want to keep them on hand, they are easily accessible through our site on our Green Page, under the Compliance Heading.