Eurototes Drop Shipped, Minimum One Case

Holiday_EurototesBerwick/Offray will drop ship all eurototes, minimum one case, until December 31, 2013!

Holiday Eco-Totes – Berwick has announced new holiday eurototes.  Printed in fresh holiday designs, suitable for hot stamping and made of at least 50% recycled paper with twill handles. Three sizes are available in each design. Berwick is taking orders on these bags now, for drop shipping in September.  For more information, download this Holiday Eurotote Flyer

Solid Color Eco-Totes – Colors are made with 80% recycled content. (White is at least 50%.) With three sizes and seven colors available, they’re in stock and ready to ship now. To see colors and sizes, download this  Solid Eurototes Flyer

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